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We understand that every business has personal design and style preferences and therefore we are pleased to offer an extensive range of fabric options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a plain upholstery in a particular shade or a statement fabric to make a spectacular entrance, we will ensure your choice combines style and quality with extreme durability and performance.

We are also able to source fabrics from our trusted suppliers should you not be able to find one from our stock favourites as shown below – click on the below company links to view an expanded selection. Can’t make your mind up? Contact us to arrange for fabric samples to be sent to you.






This is a great option for commercial premises with a high turnover of customers as it’s a high quality faux leather, which thanks to Aquaclean technology, resists some of the toughest stains that can permanently damage most fabrics. Drink spills such as red wine and beer, food, biro and even permanent marker can be removed by simply cleaning with water. As well as astonishing stain resistant properties Nappa is fully certified for severe contract upholstery use. Fire retardant to BS 7176 Medium Hazard, durability to 250 000 Martindale rubs and 100% eco friendly, meeting Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Nappa Adobe

Nappa Arabica

Nappa Aurora

Nappa Bijou

Nappa Blanche

Nappa Bluefin

Nappa Bonbon

Nappa Caviare

Nappa Doe

Nappa Granola

Nappa Grape

Nappa Gum

Nappa Ink

Nappa Leaf

Nappa Maya

Nappa Milk

Nappa Montigo

Nappa Moonlight

Nappa Montar

Nappa Pacas

Nappa Peanut

Nappa Puff

Nappa Sangria

Nappa Scortch

Nappa Siena

Nappa Smoke

Nappa Spray

Nappa Tribe

Nappa Yolk

Nappa Artesan


The Cadet Colours range is a high quality anti-microbial performance vinyl, with improved stain resistance giving it a remarkable protective coating. The Cadet Zest and Voyage range are fully certified for severe contract upholstery use, suitable for environments with a high turnover of customers. Fire retardant to BS 7176 Medium Hazard durability to martindale rubs and waterproof.

Zest Teal

Zest Pacific

Zest Sky

Zest Laurel

Zest Silver

Zest Royale

Zest Electric Blue

Zest Lilac

Zest Violet

Zest Moss

Zest Apple

Zest Apple

Zest Lemon

Zest Tangerine

Zest Blossom

Zest Vermillion

Zest Scarlett

Zest Cherry

Zest Fuchsia

Zest Mauve

Zest Thistle

Zest Chai

Zest Cobble

Zest Dove

Voyage Chablis

Voyage Wheat

Voyage Duck Egg Blue

Voyage Hyancinth

Voyage Indigo

Voyage Mink

Voyage Mulberry

Voyage Mushroom

Voyage Rose

Seren Dark Orchid

Seren Cerise


Fabrics in the collection are typically found in traditional hospitality environments and for stacking chairs and educational furniture. With over 75,000 rubs, crib 5 fire rating and a certificate showing the durability for severe contract use, these fabrics are produced to last.

Tweed Green

Balmoral Beige

Windsor Wine


Similar to the ‘Fabric A’ collection, these fabrics are suitable for traditional environments such as pubs however it offers a great option for places with a high turnover of customers. With over 75,000 rubs, crib 5 fire rating and a certificate showing the durability for severe contract use, these fabrics are produced to last.

Savoy Terracotta

Savoy Green

Savoy Cream

Savoy Blue

Savoy Black

Kensington Bleu

Kensington Natual

Kensington Noir

Kensington Rouge


The Vinyl range is the most popular of them all. With a high rub test and a crib 5 rating and 75,000 rub test, this material will withstand most of what can be thrown at it. Suitable for any premises, on any product, in any setting this great feeling material offers a great choice of colours at a reasonable price!

Carnaby Saddle

Carnaby Red

Carnaby Green

Carnaby Cognac

Casco Cream

Trafalgar Black

Trafalgar Cream

Trafalgar Mushroom

Trafalgar Red

Trafalgar Scarlet


Our Lugano and Toba fabrics are both fully certified for severe contract upholstery use. The combination of simple, stylish flat woven designs suits a multitude of interior applications which is great for creating eye-catching features. Fire retardant to BS 7176 Medium Hazard, durability to 45000 Martindale rubs. Anti –Microbial & Waterproof.

Lugano Burma

Lugano Candy

Lugano Canton

Lugano Canvas

Lugano Flowerpot

Lugano Frost

Lugano Jericho

Lugano Pumpkin

Lugano Acacia

Lugano Baize

Toba Balsam

Toba Brimstone

Toba Cabernet

Toba Carousel

Toba Goya

Toba Mandrake

Toba Melville

Toba Pontif

Toba Thunder